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Introducing Skeppshult

Honoring Tradition in a Fast-Paced World

In a world of rapid obsolescence and mass production, Skeppshult has represented timeless craftsmanship since 1906. Handcrafted in Sweden, we uphold enduring methods and traditions that distinguish us.

Rooted in Tradition, Crafted with Precision

At Skeppshult, our legacy starts with raw iron and precise metal blends. In eco-friendly factories powered by wind and solar energy, we heat these elements to 1500 degrees, forging the radiant cast iron cornerstone of our distinguished cookware.

Central to our craftsmanship is the use of unique sand molds, resilient to molten iron’s fierce heat. With a century’s wisdom, we’ve honed the sand’s composition to guarantee durability and ideal structure. When filled with molten iron by our adept casters, these molds are a testament to precision. Every casting meets Skeppshult’s exacting standards. Once cooled, the molds unveil masterpieces; their single-use nature ensures each product’s exclusivity.

Following this, the sand is repurposed for future creations. Our products then experience hand grinding and blasting, achieving the desired finish. To culminate, local canola oil seasons the cast iron, providing protection and a natural non-stick essence. Adorned with sturdy handles and meticulously packaged, Skeppshult’s cookware is ready to embark on its journey to your kitchen.

Quality, Sustainability, & Environmental Consciousness

At Skeppshult, our unwavering commitment is to uphold the highest quality standards in the casting process. Products not meeting these standards are recycled for subsequent iron melts, ensuring zero waste. 

Beyond quality, our dedication extends to crafting cast iron cookware using only naturally pure ingredients, offering an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to plastic-coated aluminum pans. Our cast iron can withstand high temperatures, and the concave bottoms of our pans compensate for metal expansion during heating, ensuring they retain their shape and functionality.

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