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Why Professional Chefs Swear by Cast Iron in the Kitchen

In the high-stakes world of gourmet cooking, professional chefs have a not-so-secret weapon that consistently delivers exceptional results – cast iron cookware. Renowned for its durability, versatility, and superior cooking performance, cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and griddles are a staple in professional kitchens. Skeppshult’s line of cast iron cookware, in particular, stands out for its exemplary quality and craftsmanship.

Unmatched Heat Retention and Even Cooking

One of the key reasons chefs swear by cast iron is its unparalleled heat retention and even heat distribution. Skeppshult cast iron skillets, with their 5 mm thick bottom, provide consistent, even cooking, crucial for achieving perfect sears and tender, evenly cooked dishes. This heat proficiency makes cast iron ideal for a range of cooking techniques, from searing steaks to simmering sauces, infusing dishes with depth and richness that are hard to replicate with other types of cookware.

Chef Niklas Ekstedt, of Stockholm’s Michelin starred Ekstedt restaurant, refers to his Skeppshult cast-iron pans as some of his favorite pieces of equipment. He describes them as excellent and well worth the investment, making all the difference when it comes to achieving nuanced flavour.

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Longevity and Durability

In the demanding environment of a professional kitchen, durability is non-negotiable. Skeppshult’s cast iron cookware, known for its robust construction and long-lasting nature, withstands the rigors of daily, heavy use. This resilience is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, making it a favored choice among chefs who value long-term investment in their cookware.

Naturally Smooth Surface

Seasoned cast iron offers a naturally smooth surface, an attribute highly valued by chefs. Skeppshult pans are seasoned with organic canola oil, providing a non-stick like surface that improves with use. This feature is essential for cooking delicate dishes that require a gentle touch and easy release.

Versatility Across Heat Sources

Professional kitchens often utilize a variety of heat sources, and cast iron’s compatibility with all of them, including induction, oven, and open flames, makes it incredibly versatile. Whether it’s slow-roasting in an oven or grilling over an open flame, Skeppshult’s cookware performs flawlessly.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Today’s culinary experts are not just focused on taste and presentation but also on sustainability. Skeppshult’s eco-friendly approach in manufacturing, using recycled materials and renewable energy including solar and wind power, resonates with environmentally conscious chefs.

I love the sustainable ethos behind Skeppshult and the concern they have always had for environmental issues, it’s something that inspires everything we do at L’Enclume. Besides which, their products are a dream to cook with, and look great on the table.
6-Liter Oval Dutch Oven with Cast Iron Lid
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FAQs: Cast Iron Cookware in Professional Kitchens

In conclusion, the reliance of professional chefs on high quality cast iron cookware is rooted in its ability to meet the demands of gourmet cooking. Its heat efficiency, durability, and versatility make it indispensable in the creation of culinary masterpieces. Investing in Skeppshult cast iron means investing in the same level of excellence that top chefs around the world trust daily.

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